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                                未標��?3.jpgRushan Dayang Silica Gel Co., LTD. is situated in the south 3.5 kilometers away from the urban district of Rushan City, adjacent to Weihai to its east, contiguous to Yantai to its north, close to the west and bordering on the Yellow Sea in its south. It thus enjoys and adequate traffic, water and power utilities and tele-communication, it is a sole silica gel producer in Weihai Municipality. 

                                Set up in 1984, the factory started to business in silica gel in 1992, the original name was Qingdao Ocean Chemical Plant Rushan Integrated Desiccant Factory. In 1998 it became a joint-stock enterprise. The factory owns a fixed assets of 32 million yuan and covers and area of 34 thousand m2. Now it owns over 300 workers and among whom there are over 20 technicians. After changing system the company is growing stronger and stronger and the profit becomes more year by year. The company has recived a good comment lying on reliable quality and good repute. The company strongthens the namagement and has passed the ISO9002 inspection from the internationally authoritative organization-National Accreditation of Certification Bodies. These awords will benefit the company's future development.

                                At present, the company's annual output of silica gel products is 10,000 MT (including Nemenggu Temengcheng Silica Gel Co., Ltd.), over 60% of which are exported to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. Our company is the sole company to produce transformation sorption silica gel, its sorption quantity standard of carbon dioxide has reached advanced level in China. The company operates mainly on the following items: type A silica gel, type B silica gel , type C Lumpy silica gel, type C spheric silica gel, Cat sand, Pressure swing adsorption silica gel, Colour silica gel, Blue colour silica gel, Small packing desiccant and so on. Thare are 10 varieties and about over 40 specifications with "Dayang" Brand silica gel. The quality and quantity of her products has reached highest level in China. The quality of product is reliable and has won the praise as well as the confidence of her clients.Science to make Dayang Silica Gel Factory develop helthily and carry out renewal for product unceasingly to better suit for the market demands. It will bring the unlimited vitality and better economy effect, and accumulate more finance for company further development and make the "Dayang" Silica Gel be will known and widely used all over the world.

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                                Rushan Dayang Silica Gel Co., LTD.

                                ADD:Rushankou Town, Rushan City, Shandong Province, China

                                TEL:0086-631-6321197   6283788



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